MPR FIGHT GEAR is the official sports performance brand of the world’s elite athletes. MPR which stands for Money, Power and Respect are 3 key elements that we all want out of life and are willing to fight for.

Our athletes sacrifice every second of their lives both mentally and physically to fight for their goal of becoming number one of their respective sports. MPR has a similar obsession of having the highest quality products while helping others achieve the MPR lifestyle they deserve.

As being fighters and athletes ourselves we view quality as our number one priority with the MPR brand. Our personal guarantee to you is that any item at anytime can be return with no questions asked that’s how confident we are in the quality of the MPR brand.

The concept of MPR was founded over 10 years ago and continues to evolve much like the amazing sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Through our many years of grueling research we believe that we offer our competitors the pinnacle of all athletic performance wear. MPR is proud to share our commitment to excellence with all of our consumers and friends so thank you to our athletes of today and our athletes of tomorrow.

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